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My name is Maggie Rathje.  I'd like to tell you a little about myself and my dogs...



I worked for the New York State Conservation Department regulating a hunting co-operative and stocking pheasants for a number of years.  I am an avid Waterfowl and Pheasant hunter myself. I raised my own pheasants in past years.  I was Ducks Unlimited co-chairman for the Salmon River Chapter for several years and am still active.  I am a member to Finger Lakes, Iroqouis, Central New York and Leatherstocking Hunt Clubs, NAHRA, NRA, NTA, plus numerous local sportsman's clubs.  I put on obedience demonstrations at sportsman's shows and conservation field day events (such as the Greenwings Duck Hunting Day sponsored by Ducks Unlimited ).



I have raised and trained four generations of chocolate labs these past 19 years. Trained in obedience and field combining the best of both worlds in that these dogs are with me inside as well as staying outside at night and some of the day.  They are so easy.  They nudge me at around 9 O'clock to go to bed - their kennel. They are calm and well adjusted--at home on the rug or in a canoe.  I can take both of these dogs together hunting side by side and send one or the other after different birds yet they are aggressive hunters and don't quit till I do.  I have worked on a line of Labs proven to be intelligent, well mannered, good looking, healthy and willing to hunt till the sun sets.  I feel that the same qualities that make a champion field dog and great hunting dog, make a truly wonderful companion dog.




Our Girls:


GMHR WR Cannon's Girl Cody MH

ST. Rainbow Shores Chica JH WC


Photo by www.TonyZappia.com

OFA: LR98240G24F "Good"    Eyes CERF LR25039


Visit Cody Here!


Photo by Dave Klotz

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Our Boy:


WR Taken By Storm MH

Qualified All-Age Master Hunter


Photo by www.TonyZappia.com


NAFTCH AFTCH Quik Windstorm x GMHR WR Cannon's Girl Cody MH

For more information on Quik visit www.windstormretrievers.com



OFA: LR-124728E24M-PI "Excellent" 

Eyes CERF LR30770

**At stud to approved bitches**

Look for upcoming litters sired by Seal!

Seal has sired many litters proving his genetics are strong.  His puppies have been easy to train and wonderful hunters.  Many of these puppies are competing successfully.



Visit Seal Here!



Seal @ 7 Weeks



Seal, Chica and Cody are all showing off Junior Hunter, Started Hunter and WC they earned by Chica in one easy season!




Cody & Seal

Cody & Seal ready to work!




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