ALL Chocolate litter due December 10, 2009

WR Taken By Storm MH QAA (Open Placements) X Hi Priority Lil of DAGwood MH


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Contact Lynne Busch, DAGLwood Labradors  (716) 510-4538  E-mail:

The puppy's pedigree:

      FC AFC Rippin Blue Thunder
    NFC FC AFC Storm's Riptide Star SE037057  LR 19889 blk
    OFA 24G OFEL  SM929642/01 choc FC AFC Belle's Star Emmy Lou
  NAFTCH AFTCH FTCH Quik Windstorm DNA V55917 SE805811 OFA 24G blk
  LR-67308G25M CERF LR9641/98-60    FC Mueller's Stormy Canada
  DNA V133447 Candlewoods Chocolate Storm CDX SH SD208650 OFA 33G choc
    SE883727 OFA 26G choc Candlewoods Nestles Quik
WR TAKEN BY STORM MH (QAA)   SD553975 OFA 25G choc
OPEN PLACEMENTS     GMHR Van Lee's Applejack
SN742932/10   WR Cannon Captain's Choice SE379762 OFA 24G choc
OFA LR-124728E24M-PI    OFA 27G Holland's Chocolate Royal
CERF LR30770 GMHR WR Cannon's Girl Cody MH SF216673 choc SD890445 OFA 33G choc
DNA V55034 LR98240G24F   LR25039    Chukar of Claredon Lake
  SN458705/07 choc Parkutew's Sadi of Cold Brook SM896107 blk
    SN042526/09 choc Coles Smooth as Velvet Sable
      SF541643 OFA 28G choc
    FC AFC Dare to Dream FC AFC Wilderness Harley to Go
  FC Running with the Devil SM86006808 blk SD906768 OFA 24G CERF 145
  SN67150204 blk DNA V21576 FC AFC Fishtrap Aggie
  DNA V174119 OFA 31G SE817697 OFA 24E 
  OFA 24G   FC AFC Cedar Valley's Hi-Bird Turk MH
    FC AFC TrailCreek Blue's Dacey SF030561 OFA 24G CERF 74
    SM94243108 blk BeaverCrest Stukagin Blue
    OFA 26G CERF 82 SD986846 OFA 31G
HI PRIORITY LIL OF DAGWOOD MH        FC AFC Bluegrass Dust Commander
 1st MH PASS as a 2yr old   FC AFC Sourdough's Slick Nick SE114352 OFA 33G OFEL 132 CERF 132 blk
OFA 27G OFEL CERF   SM95560706 OFA 24G CERF 96 AFC Wineglass Kuku Koko
SR10511807 (60 lb. choc) Sourdough's Grace Slick SH WCX DNA V42429 blk SE837347 OFA 27G CERF 45 choc
  OFA 24G choc   FC AFC Code Blue
  CERF Fiona II SM79676702 OFA 60G DNA V55218 blk
    SN51011503 blk FC AFC Rio Lago MH
      SF581818 OFA 31G CERF 46 blk



Some pictures from litters when we used this same sire in a previous breeding:






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